Healthy Habits that can help Prevent Burnout Before it Strikes

We talk a lot about how to deal with burnout once it strikes, but ideally you want to prevent burnout before it rears its ugly head. Today we’d like to take a more preventative approach by discussing some healthy habits that can help prevent burnout. In this article, we are going to talk about a handful of healthy everyday habits that can be instrumental in preventing burnout before it strikes!

Healthy Eating

Consuming a well-balanced diet is good for your overall health – in addition to helping prevent burnout. Avoid fast food and junk food options whenever possible. It may seem like a lot of extra work to prepare a healthy meal but a little meal prep at the start of the week can make eating healthy much easier, especially when you’re busy.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is good for both your physical and mental health. Most physicians agree with that statement, but fail to live what they preach. It’s true that finding the time to exercise can seem impossible for a full time surgeon or resident, but there are ways to get your exercise in even if you can’t get to the gym every day. Bike to work if you can. Take walks throughout the day during your breaks. 

Take Breaks at Work

Many doctors I know have a tendency to work themselves until they drop. This type of work ethic is admirable, but can also have adverse effects. Working a 12 hour shift without a break can inadvertently increase your chances of making a mistake. Your body needs to rest (emotionally and physically) in order to perform at peak ability. Take short 10-15 minute breaks several times throughout the day to sit down, close your eyes, and recharge. 

Communicate with Like-Minded Medical Professionals

Talking with fellow physicians who are having similar experiences to your own is a great way to work through issues that arise. SurgeonMasters offers several excellent ways to socialize and communicate with like-minded physicians including web-conferences, podcasts, and local meet-ups.