Why You Should Listen to Podcasts

By popular demand, I have started offering The SurgeonMasters Podcast so you can listen when it fits YOUR schedule. SurgeonMasters Groups allow for you to be engaged in the conversation when you can participate live… The peer-to-peer mentoring experience of these groups is an awesome way to generate less stress and frustration, while gaining more control in our lives, and creating a lifestyle-friendly practice that continues to be sustainable, profitable, and thriving… 

However, Surgeon’s schedules don’t always allow them to join the call live.

Podcasts 101

For those of you that don’t really know what Podcasts are, or have limited experience in listening to them, Podcasts are similar to journal subscriptions in the format of a radio show or similar to a webinar video replay. After subscribing to particular podcasts, you receive them automatically to your iTunes or podcast account. The main benefit is that you may listen or view them for FREE!

Just as blogs are to mainstream media, Podcasts are similar to radio programs. There are a wide spectrum of podcasters, from well-known professionals and organizations to amateur enthusiasts like me. Topics are just as wide, and styles range from purely educational to funny and entertaining.

Listening to Podcasts wasn’t always so easy. However, it has grown much easier. Downloading the files directly from the websites of podcasters works, but if you don’t love holding onto these large audio or video files, most podcast apps (and many of these are also free) make it much easier.  If you use play mode on my website, you don’t remember where you left off if you get interrupted. Most podcasting programs allow you to listen and pause, and pick up where you left off!


You simply subscribe to the podcasts on your smartphone; have it synced between all of your devices, and listen to them without any hassle.

If you have an Android device like me, you can download one of the apps such as Podcast Republic, and subscribe to your favorite Podcasts through them.


Now think of those times driving to and from work, where you could hit play before hitting the road. Or those times you are waiting for a surgical case to start, but instead you are pacing the hall or twiddling your thumbs. Make use of that time with something educational or entertaining!

The why depends mainly on what you want to get out of listening. There are podcasts within some surgical specialties that are educational. I personally love to learn NEW things from experts I normally don’t encounter at surgical meetings and conferences.  You can learn about empathy, networking, negotiation skills, time management, setting goals, and much more. I find one additional benefit is that I view the time less as “wasted.”

That leads to less stress and frustration!!!

Try it out.