The 8 PRACTICEs Of Highly Successful Surgeons

The 8 PRACTICEs of Highly Successful Surgeons is a methodology designed to provide surgeons with a framework that will guide them to create a sustainable and fulfilling surgical practice and career.


When these principles are utilized, you will:

  • Reengage your Passion for Performance Improvement consistent with why you got into Surgery in the first place.
  • Reciprocity in your many Roles and Relationships that you have in your life and career strengthened by a cooperative exchange or give and take.
  • Create a better Attitude for yourself and others to deal with the many frustrations from positive resilience training.
  • Improve your Communication skills for mutual understanding.
  • Time management such that you get more done with less effort and stress by getting in your rhythm.
  • Help Inspire and Influence yourself and others with the focus on shared goals.
  • Greater ability to deal with Complex problem solving through strategies that utilize simplicity.
  • More Energy (Wellness) to stay healthy and lead a more fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle-friendly surgical practice.

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