Tips for Becoming a More Resilient Surgeon


Resiliency is one of the best ways to combat burnout in surgeons (and other professionals, for that matter). Many surgeons could improve their resiliency, which would insulate them from the symptoms of burnout. We need to encourage surgeons to build their resiliency and help them do it.

Before we get any further, let’s first define what we mean by “resilience.”  

At SurgeonMasters, we believe resilience can be defined in several ways. Resilience offers the ability to meet challenges and adverse outcomes as opportunities rather than barriers. It is fostered by self-awareness, confidence, preparation, a commitment to core beliefs, values and purpose. This article offers a few tips for becoming a more resilient surgeon.

Be Prepared for the Worst

Take steps to proactively prepare yourself for worst-case scenarios. Of course, it’s impossible to prepare for every possible situation that may occur, but laying the groundwork for recovery can go a long way. Being mentally prepared for change, and realizing that you can choose how to react can help you deal with bad situations when they arise.

Develop Emotional Self-Awareness

Having a good grasp on your emotional self-awareness is difficult for a lot of people, but it can help you understand yourself and others – especially in times of crisis. Take a good look at yourself and examine how you respond to stress, and what causes your stress levels to spike. This emotional  self-awareness can help you learn how to better react to and cope with difficult situations.

Understand Your Purpose

Understanding your purpose is an essential factor in boosting your resiliency. For many surgeons, their purpose takes the form of helping people and saving lives. For others, purpose can take the form of building and caring for a family. Finding your purpose is often easier said than done. But once you’ve found it, your purpose is a great foundation upon which you can build your resiliency. Having a good grasp on your purpose can give you perspective when things go awry.

Build a Resiliency Community

Building strong and healthy relationships with those around you (your family, friends, and colleagues) can help you in times of crisis. Having someone you can talk to, confide in, or commiserate with is much healthier than keeping things bottled up.

If you’re searching for a thriving community of like-minded surgeons, look no further than SurgeonMasters. We are a group of surgeons looking to build sustainable and lifestyle-friendly practices through resilience and wellness.

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