SurgeonMasters Coaching / Consulting Services

Moving. Forward. Together.

Coaching involves a process of moving a client from where they are to where they want to be. Through a process of self-reflection and analysis, our team helps evaluate your current practice, assists in developing an action plan, and offers support during implementation.

Coaching helps medical professionals to:

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Evaluate Current Practices

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Create Short & Long Term Goals

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Guide Focus & Self Inquiry

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Manage Stress / Frustration

SurgeonMasters coaching and consulting services are personalized to each surgeon. Clients determine the challenges they want to work on.

Here are some common issues our coaches can help clients tackle:

  • Health and Wellness  

  • Time Management / Creating Efficiencies

  • Finances

  • Resilience

  • Anger Management

Contact us to learn how the SurgeonMasters Coaching Program can help you build a more sustainable surgical practice!


"About a year ago, I was becoming more self-aware that I was becoming burned out with my practice. Jeff made me become more aware of my negative thought patterns, and as a result I could change those into positive patterns."


"Since I started listening to (and working with) Jeff, I’ve been happier and more productive in my practice and personal life than ever before. I highly recommend Jeff to any physician who thinks they may be suffering from burnout."


Benefits of Coaching

The SurgeonMasters Coaching Program is designed to bring out the BEST in the client, with a concentrated focus on performance improvement and personal practice satisfaction. There are three primary stages of the SurgeonMasters coaching process.

  1. Analysis: Coach and client begin by identifying the client’s goals.

  2. Goal Setting: Coach and client develop plans of action.

  3. Adjustment: Coach and client evaluate and adjust plan and actions for optimal performance.

Coaching requires active participation of the surgeon for self-reflection, self-directed learning, and intentional adjustments in practice. Our team will guide the client through the process, and graduates of the program will be capable of progressing independently.

Here are a few types of people who can benefit from our Coaching Program:

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Surgeons & Physicians

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Hospitals & Practices

The SurgeonMasters Coaching Program pays particular attention to surgeon wellness (physical, mental, and emotional), burnout prevention, resilience, surgeon experience, and surgeon satisfaction of the Quadruple Aim, and a number of strategies of performance improvement that are not traditionally a part of surgical training.

Surgeon coaching also improves performance in healthcare settings. Benefits include:

  • Decreased medical errors and malpractice risk

  • Decreased physician and staff turnover

  • Increased patient satisfaction

  • Increased patient safety

Reach out to our team to learn more about how the SurgeonMasters Coaching Program can help your team build a more sustainable and lifestyle friendly practice!

SurgeonMasters Coaching Packages

Coaching requires active participation of the surgeon for self-reflection, self-directed learning, and intentional adjustments in practice.

Package Features:

  • Two scheduled one-hour phone calls per month

  • One 10-minute urgent phone check-in per month

  • Unlimited email and texting communication


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3-Month Package


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6-Month Package




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