Surgeon Consulting Services

Private Consulting


As your Surgeon Consultant, I will analyze your current practice, educate you on The 8 PRACTICEs of Highly Successful Surgeons, and implement an action plan. Typical packages include two scheduled one-hour meetings (or four half-hour meetings) per month, one 10-minute urgent check in call per month, and unlimited email/texting communication.

Consulting Packages

  • One-on-one consulting

    • 3-Month Package

    • 6-Month Package

  • Group one-on-one consulting

    • 3-Month Package

    • 6-Month Package

Custom packages are also available upon request. Group consulting often includes one additional scheduled one-hour meeting every two months to address group dynamics.

Onsite Practice Evaluation

While most consulting packages consist only of telephone meetings, many practices want the advantages of an Onsite Practice Evaluation. In addition to written questionnaires and assessments (including 360's) that can be done remotely, the Onsite Practice Evaluation allows for in-person interviews, direct observation of the operating room, clinic, and ward functions.

Initial action plans are implemented after draft reviews with the key individuals and the group as a whole. The primary keys to success are the surgeons driving any changes and my ongoing relationship with the client/s after the onsite evaluation to monitor implementation for necessary adjustments in the action plans.  

Pricing is determined by hours or days of consulting, travel and industry standard expenses.