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SurgeonMasters Live Group Call

Our next call falls in the midst of the holiday season, with the festivities just around the corner. It’s a busy time of the year for everyone, including surgeons, which can become overwhelming for all of us as we struggle to balance family, social and work commitments.

It would make sense to take a break from meeting for the holidays, and this will be just right for some SurgeonMasters. However, perhaps more important than quantity is quality time.

For those SurgeonMasters looking to create focus and quality time during the holidays from our minimal hour investment of this call, we will talk about getting into the spirit, when the spirit may be lost. We will explore strategies for honoring our families and relationships with reciprocity and for healing or nurturing our own spirit.

Date: Thursday, December 15th At 6:30pm PST

Conference Line: +1-888-568-9141 (No PIN Required)