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SurgeonMasters Live Group Call

What is a Mastermind? How to Set One Up?

Speaker: Jeffrey M. Smith, MD

Toastmasters, SurgeonMasters and many other peer support groups are examples of Masterminds. Napolean Hill described this concept in his best seller Think and Grow Rich. We will discuss: 

  • What are the benefits of a mastermind? 
  • What does it take?
  • How might it apply to surgeons?


Thursday, June 16th at 6:30pm PST. 

Conference Line: Call in to 888-568-9141 (No PIN Required)

About SurgeonMasters: A group of dedicated surgeons who wish to create a highly successful and sustainable practice that is lifestyle friendly with less stress and frustration. We focus on learning, understanding and implementing effective habits and creating solutions using focus group / think-tank best practices.

Any Surgeon is welcome to participate. 


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