Brent Jackson, MD, FACS, SurgeonMasters Advisory Board Member, Named Chief Medical Officer at Mercy General Hospital, Sacramento, California

Sacramento, CA., February 17, 2019 - Brent Jackson, MD, FACS, is named Chief Medical Officer at Mercy General Hospital, Sacramento, California. Dr. Jackson is an experienced general surgeon and physician executive. While concurrently working towards his MBA, Brent has gained experienced with inpatient/outpatient Utilization Management, hospital-based physician leadership, and quality/process improvement.

Brent Jackson, MD

Brent Jackson, MD

Brent is the former medical director at River City Medical Group in Sacramento, and was a clinically active general surgeon for more than 15 years.

Dr. Jackson is also a member of the SurgeonMasters Advisory Board.

“I have known Dr. Jackson for over a decade. He is a leader dedicated to providing the highest quality care. He understands the critical human element of medical care for patients and all healthcare professionals. He understands the many challenges that we face in the healthcare industry and is driven to find improvements in the delivery of care, whether immediate or long-term. It has been an honor to have him serving on our Advisory Board to develop services for burnout prevention and wellness, also immediate and long-term. ” Jeff Smith, MD, Founder of SurgeonMasters

SurgeonMasters is a wellness and burnout prevention medical education company that delivers strategies and techniques overlooked or underemphasized in traditional medical training that improve practice performance, well-being and ultimately, patient outcomes.

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