SurgeonMasters Jeffrey M. Smith, MD Presenting at Neuroscience: A Sensory Experience

Chicago, IL., July, 18th, 2019 - SurgeonMasters founder Jeffrey M. Smith, MD, FACS, CPC invited to present at Neuroscience: A Sensory Experience taking place July 18-20, 2019, at Hotel EMC2.

Dr. Jeff Smith is presenting in two sessions at Neuroscience: A Sensory Experience - an annual three-day conference hosted and moderated by Sarah Zallek, MD. This conference is provides immersive experiences designed to inspire and motivate participants to get more from their personal and professional life.

Thursday, July 18th

Setting the stage: Physician stress, shortages, burnout, depletion, imbalance

Jay Clore, PhD and Jeff Smith, MD

Friday, July 19th

Physician Work-Life Rhythm

An interview and live coaching session with Jeff Smith, MD, FACS, Orthopedic Traumatologist, physician coach, and SurgeonMasters founder.

“I was so excited to be invited by Sarah. I am very passionate about wellness and helping others. I am here to share my story and my perspective on burnout and wellness. Sharing my perspective has always been easier for me. The story is a tougher thing to share. The experiential component will take this to the next level, as blending all of this with the life and experiences of other physicians will be where we all learn together what wellness is for each of us.” - Jeffrey M. Smith, MD, FACS, CPC

Event Details:

Neuroscience, A Sensory Experience

Thursday - Saturday, July 18 - 20, 2019

Hotel EMC2

Chicago, IL

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“That's what makes Neuroscience: A Sensory Experience a truly unique educational event. Pioneering researchers, innovative life coaches, leading performance experts and even a level II wine sommelier will share invaluable insights and open your eyes to new perspectives.

On a private yacht, dive into new ways to think about how we interact with food. In a working music studio, explore the ways we process music and why it's good for the brain. Find the balance you need to be your best at home and at work with the help of a life coach. And experts on human performance will help you maximize your effectiveness.”

SurgeonMasters are medical professionals dedicated to improving surgeons’ well-being, practice performance, and patient outcomes. Centering on strategies and techniques overlooked or underemphasized in traditional medical training, this community empowers surgeons to cultivate a thriving, lifestyle-friendly practice contributing to personal and professional excellence.

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