Replay Release! The R in Burnout Stands for Reciprocity

SurgeonMasters, CSurgeries, and The Physician’s Edge release replay from May 30, 2019, The R in Burnout Stands for Reciprocity! This webinar was the second in a series featuring SurgeonMasters Founder Jeffrey M. Smith, MD, FACS, CPC. The next webinar will be held August 22nd, 6pm EST, 3 pm PST. 

Replay! The R in Burnout Stands for Reciprocity

This webinar was a collaboration between SurgeonMasters, CSurgeries, and The Physician’s Edge, and is the second in the series. The first webinar was held in February on Facebook Live!

Event Details:

The conversation this time is around the three R’s in physician burnout - Roles, Relationships, and most importantly, Reciprocity. In this session, Dr. Jeff Smith elevates our understanding of the myriad of roles and relationships in surgery and in life that affect our ability to prevent burnout and lead successful, thriving surgical careers.

After this session you will be able to:

- Appreciate the many roles and relationships that impact your well-being and success. 

- Understand simple practices that will lead to improvements in your roles and relationships.

- Use your goals to commit to next steps and hopefully be inspired to put your plan into action.

Are you looking for wellness and burnout prevention education? How about Coaching? 

Contact to learn about partnering on education or coaching. We have a vast array of resources, including physician coaching, advocacy blogs and podcasts, health and exercise guidance, and resilience training resources. SurgeonMastersprovides a supportive, nonjudgmental, and enriching environment for self-development.