Time / Life Management Using Rhythm

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Masters Assignments

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  • Create and submit a Values List, then rank those values
  • Perform a brainstorming session and submit an opportunity list for timesaving
  • Independent reading with brief report on Time Management
  • Create your own 8 PRACTICEs plan or SMART plan to achieve YOUR rhythm
  • Offer another assignment for instructor approval

About This Class

This class will give you a different perspective on time management. For many surgeons, work-life balance feels unobtainable. Instead, this class will allow you to create a strategy to create quality time over quantity and to reassess your priorities, so that you can get into YOUR rhythm. We will build on the strategies of Energy Leadership™, 8 PRACTICEs, AIM SMART or I AM SMART Goal Setting, and personal accountability.


  1. Discuss Work / Life Balance and the pathophysiology of our training and current healthcare system such as “The Patient comes first!” “Always be available to your patient.”
  2. Learn about your values and priorities; how you might adjust your current practice to be more consistent with your values and priorities.
  3. Create a personal plan for a lifestyle-friendly practice depending upon your current relationship with time
  4. Implement a new time/ life management habit to replace an old negative habit using goal setting and accountability

Time / Life Management Using Rhythm

Class Outline

  • What is Work / Life Balance?
  • First Things First – Establishing / Adjusting Priorities
  • Triage, Maintenance, and Planning
  • 7 Levels of Time / Life Management
  • Rhythm for the Workaholic
  • Time for Self
  • Q & A 

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  • Completed survey and evaluation
  • Completed report of extra assignment for those seeking 2 CME credits

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