Inspiring Others to Shared goals

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Masters Assignments

Earn 1 additional CME in Credit (Select the hour of additional work)

  • List and assess your sub-skills for self-improvement in Inspiring Others to Shared Goals

  • Independent reading with brief report on Inspiring Others to Shared Goals / Techniques in Persuasion / Selling an Idea / Negotiating a Deal

  • Create your own 8 PRACTICEs plan to achieve YOUR improvement in Inspiring Others to Shared Goals

  • Offer another assignment for instructor approval

About This Class

Surgeons are a very caring group of people. We are very intelligent and hardworking. However, inspiring others is very challenging in the healthcare industry. Why? The reasons are numerous, and to me, they are NOW all fairly obvious and simple concepts.

You can actually be pushed in the direction of being uninspired!

Negative energy leaders can inspire you as well, but usually in a negative direction.

We are more inspired by others who share our goals!

Also people who actually practice all 8 PRACTICEs of Highly Successful Surgeons inspire us most! It is even better if they use a positive approach!

For example:

·       We can go beyond survival to restore Passion in our life and surgical practice;

·       We can expect to receive more from our Roles and relationships that have mostly taken;

·       We can associate ourselves with people with a good Attitude and systems that fulfill promises and restore our trust;

·       We can improve our listening and other Communication skills;

·       We can carve out the Time meet our longer term priorities;

·       We can compete against the forces in healthcare that don’t address quality, efficiency other shared goals; Inspire!

·       We can break our Complex problems into simple steps or solutions;

·       We can invest in the emotional, mental and physical Energy or well being of our teams or ourselves.

Conflicting goals typically lead to stress and frustration on all sides, so this one-hour class in the 2016 Educational Webinar Series takes into account your time demands as Surgeons. The Masters Class #7 will be on November 10th, 2016 at 6:30pm PST. [Please note the time change to 6:30pm!] All registrants (including those of you viewing the recorded class) will be able to watch and listen, but those of you on the program live will be able to participate directly to increase the value to you.

Highly effective teams, organizations and Surgeons communicate a compelling story or message. They create a focus on a clear end result, willing to get feedback, and adjusting to create value to all members. They promote creativity and innovation, nurture synergy to keep members cohesive, and show determination to achieve goals. These leaders clarify each person’s role, and delegate allowing each to do their part. They have systems of accountability for some measures or targets and celebrate successes. The leaders are excellent role models, have an open door policy, and reward contributions of individuals and the team.

What if we could learn ways to inspire or influence others? This class will help you decide where you want to start and learn some simple strategies to move forward to inspire, influence, negotiate or sell your idea. We can also build on the strategies of Energy Leadership, 8 PRACTICEs, Goal Setting, and personal accountability.

During and at the conclusion of each class, participants should plan to have their own action plans for moving forward. Attendance (CME credit) and attentiveness in the class is documented by submitting “Masters Codes” provided during the class. The optional additional one hour of CME credit is earned by documenting the completion of an additional assignment to the instructor.


1.     Discuss the pathophysiology of our existing training and healthcare system which often leads to contrasting goals.

2.     Learn the skills and abilities needed to inspire or influence others including using all of the 8 PRACTICEs.

3.     Create a personal plan with long- and short-term goals for improving these skills and abilities that increase our ability to inspire or influence others.

4.     Implement a positive inspirational or motivational habit to replace an old negative habit using goal setting and accountability.

Inspiring Others To Shared Goals

Class Outline

  •      Discovering Shared Goals

  •      Inspiring Yourself – Establishing Goals and Priorities (Review)

  •      Inspiration Through Action

  •      Improve Patient Compliance / Satisfaction: Understand Their Goals

  •      Educate Your Patient on Future Issues: Communicating Your Goals

  •      Inspiring a Team or Employees

  •      Q & A

Requirements to earn CME credit:

  • 3 CME "Master Codes" provided in presentation
  • Completed survey and evaluation
  • Completed report of extra assignment for those seeking 2 CME credits

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