Webinar 3: Attitude Resilience / Passion for Performance Improvement


Webinar 3: Attitude Resilience / Passion for Performance Improvement


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This class will focus on HOW to create a positive attitude and restore / maintain a passion for performance improvement through strategies that increase optimism, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), reprogram our Inner Critic, and so many others. We will build on the strategies of Energy Leadership™, 8 PRACTICEs, AIM SMART or I AM SMART Goal Setting, and accountability.

Attitude Resilience / Passion for Performance Improvement

  • Review of Energy Levels – 5
  • You must Care: How to Practice Positive Attitude - 10
  • Avoiding Perfectionism and other Non-sustainable Habits - 5
  • Avoiding Mistakes and Managing Stress – Negative Training - 5
  • Creating Joy and Passion – Positive Training! - 5
  • Restoring Your Passion: Why do YOU do what you do? - 10
  • Restoring your Passion: Strategies - 10
  • Q & A – 10
  • Homework – Earn 1 additional CME in Credit

Requirements to earn CME credit:

  • 3 CME Codes provided in presentation
  • Completed survey and evaluation
  • Completed report of extra assignment for those seeking 2 CME credits

Recommended Technical Requirements:

  • Windows 7 and higher / Mac OSX 10.7 and higher**
  • Newest version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Safari Web Browser
  • Wired (not WiFi) Broadband internet connection with an upload speed of 1 Mbps or more
  • Most recent version of Adobe Flash player: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer
  • Turn pop up blocker off or put www.anymeeting.com in your allowed list 

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