If You Give a Surgeon a Cookie - Part 1

Today, I welcome Dr. David G. LaVelle an Orthopaedic Surgeon practicing for over 30 years—onto The SurgeonMasters Podcast. During his three-plus decades of work, Dr. LaVelle has seen the world of surgery change and change dramatically. No more dramatically than when he was recently forced to surrender his surgical practice due to progressive arthritis disabling his hands.

In spite of his forced-retirement from the OR, Dr. LaVelle continues to be one of the brightest surgical minds in the country. His passion for helping residents, nurses, and his fellow citizens hasn’t dissipated in retirement, and he continues to be of service both in his personal and professional communities.

Dr. LaVelle, is a pride of Memphis, as a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin, the University of Tennessee Medical School, the Campbell Clinic / University of Tennessee Orthopaedic Residency (1984) before joining the staff at the Campbell Clinic, where he maintains a very successful career.

Listen as Dr. LaVelle and I discuss:

  • His difficult transition away from operating room and how that transforms perspective…

  • And what happens If you give a Surgeon a cookie…