Post-Game Debrief - Life improvement strategies for the surgeon that wants more ... in 10 minutes - Episode 18

Pump the brakes on your week and take 10 minutes to make your life as a surgeon just a little better…

This week, we are welcoming back onto the mini-Podcast Dr. Jonathan Cabin, board-certified facial plastic & reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. This week, Dr. Cabin will talk to us about the post-game debrief, specifically how surgeons arealso high performance athletes because need team-work and stamina. One of the shortcomings of medical training, however, is that we're not encourages to fine-tune our minds and bodies like athletes, which impacts performance. As a result, he recommends that we start studying our successes and failures in order to make improvements where necessary. 


How does he suggest we start monitoring our performance? By doing the following:

  • Start taking notes about each surgery

  • Spend about 2 mins after each case, recording your thoughts about the case and the surrounding variables

  • Use a tool that works for you: a journal, your phone, or a program like Evernote

  • Over time, you'll start to realize great opportunities for performance improvement!

Most importantly, start your post-game debrief this week! 

If you’re not familiar with Dr. Jonathan Cabin, he is a board-certified facial plastic & reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. His areas of expertise include surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation, primary and revision rhinoplasty, facial reconstruction, and migraine surgery. In addition to caring for his patients, Dr. Cabin has published textbook chapters on facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty techniques, as well as written peer-review articles examining a wide range of topics, from ear reconstruction and the use of Botox in the treatment of facial paralysis. He is passionate about helping those in need, and has travelled abroad to Peru and China to perform much-needed surgery on children with cleft lips and palates. Outside of medicine, Dr. Cabin is an avid skier and recreational photographer, and enjoys live music, international travel and spending time with his family.

The Post-Game Debrief is a perfect example of how surgeons can improve their effectiveness inside and outside of the OR.