Knowing Your Janitor's Name - Life improvement strategies for the surgeon that wants more ... in 10 minutes - Episode 7

Pump the brakes on your week and take 10 minutes to make your life as a surgeon just a little better…

This week on the Mini-Podcast we are welcoming back orthopaedic trauma surgeon, Phil Stahel, where he discusses one of the concepts of his book: knowing your janitor's name. This concept originates from a quest to be more empathic to patients. Studies show that medical students work towards proficiency and being technically excellent, but lose empathy in their 3rd year of medical school. Erosion of empathy occurs unless we're aware and mindful.


So, why do we need to know our janitor's names?

  • It's a good indication of our empathy levels - it's like a marker

  • It will allows us to understand our patients better and understand their feelings even if we don't agree with them

  • We're more likely to understand their story, allowing us to choose the right procedure for the right patient at the right time

  • Lastly, it improves our customer satisfaction scores

So, Do You Know Your Janitor's Name? ... Start today and Practice!

If you’re not familiar with Dr. Stahel, his book, Blood, Sweat and Tears - Becoming a Better Surgeon, is an enlightening dive into his 20-year journey from intern to successful surgeon and global patient safety advocate.

It is a perfect example of how surgeons can be both talented in the theater and talented outside of it.