Attitude - Faking It - Life improvement strategies for the surgeon that wants more ... in 10 minutes - Episode 8

Pump the brakes on your week and take 10 minutes to make your life as a surgeon just a little better…

This week on the Mini-Podcast we are talking about the benefits of 'Faking It Until You Make It' and how confidence is key

How do you Fake It Till You Make It?

By doing the following:

  • Action leads to the emotion, so do it and see how you feel!

  • Don't oversell it and go too extreme

  • Follow-up with actual results, by showing that you are Making It!

Most importantly, think about your intention (your goal,) and start acting the part! 

Faking It 'Til You Make It is a perfect example of how surgeons can improve their effectiveness inside and outside of the OR.