This is Physician Wellness - Shruti Tannan, MD


What is your favorite wellness activity?


How long have you been doing it?



How did you get started?

I started while in medical school to stay fit, and relieve stress. I found that I really looked forward to my evening classes and began to prioritize health and wellness. I will be honest, residency, motherhood and fellowship followed by a faculty position at a level one trauma center made that hard to keep up. I used to find yoga studios when I would attend meetings and try and attend a class here and there while out of town and slowly began my foray back into wellness.

How does this activity impact your mental, physical, and / or emotional well-being?

I finally made wellness a priority recently, and I am enjoying the increased emotional, mental and physical fitness and endurance that come with making yoga a priority in my life again.

How does this activity bring wellness to your life when other activities have not?

You can't be on your phone and do yoga. I think a big part of the success of this activity in my life, much like swimming, is that I literally have to unplug to do it, and that simple act for 90 minutes in one day is literally the most peaceful time of my day. Our phones have replaced pagers, and while I never loved the pager, the smartphone is a terrible master. I am happy to set aside the phone and alert my staff so I can make wellness a priority.