Humanitarian Missions - A Way to Round Out Your Surgical Career - Young or Old

Thank you to everyone who made it to our call a few days ago where we featured guests Rafael Neiman, MD and Ray Imatani, MD who had taken time from their surgical practices to go on Humanitarian Missions.

Dr. Neiman and Dr. Imatani travelled to developing countries like Indonesia, Rwanda and Honduras on Humanitarian Missions - locations where people don’t readily have access to doctors and surgeons. The lack of healthcare in these countries affected Dr. Neiman and Dr. Imatani significantly, as they witnessed and were humbled by the unmatched gratitude of their patients and the dedicated care of the local providers. Both surgeons agreed that it was even more gratifying than that they could have ever imagined and having a strong desire to do it again.

The obvious need of the patients in these countries gives us new perspective and has the potential to reinvigorate our sense of purpose. Seeing the impact that we can have on the lives of these patients and the local providers and the gratitude is a powerful antidote to burnout. The impact and the connection doesn't need to end with the end of the mission. Dr. Neiman shared with us how his involvement continues on a weekly basis with one of the local surgeons in Honduras, allowing him to follow-up on existing patients and give advice on new patients.

We invite you to revisit the recorded version, as we discussed the benefits of going on Humanitarian Missions with Dr. Neiman and Dr. Imatani, including: 

  • Being flexible to adjust in each of these experiences
  • Preparing, by talking to others that have gone before you
  • Allowing the experience to bring you purpose, connections, and many other benefits
  • Having the opportunity to share your knowledge and skill with a part of the world that has a tremendous need