Getting into the Holiday Spirit

The holidays are here and everywhere you look, people are taking time-out to bask in the joy of the season.

But as a surgeon, it might not feel like you have the time to bask in that joy.

Holiday parties, gift shopping, travel plans, family dinners, charity events...the list goes on.

Tack on the 14 hour days spent at the hospital and the holidays can feel like less of a blessing and more of a burden.

We spoke about getting into the spirit, when the spirit may be lost, and explore strategies for honoring our families, our relationships, and for healing our own spirit through focused nurturing.

What You’ll Get From The Call?

  • To help surgeons find the spirit when it feels lost

  • To highlight how there IS time to enjoy the holidays in spite of a busy schedule

  • To explore strategies for honoring our families and relationships

  • To Illustrate the power of nurturing our own spirit