Opening Night: Pushing the Envelope

Some of you were able to HEAR our 3 1/2 hour opening session of Orthopaedic Trauma & Fracture  Care: Pushing the Envelope, and I know you heard a fantastic session on Surgeon Challenges. You are welcome to download that file [here/AnyMeeting Recording]. 

We captured the audio live! Video was problematic. :-/ If you are interested in our topics for Thursday evening, I will be packaging the VIDEO recordings of each presentation and making those available where I have permission from each of the speakers. Let me know if you have an interest!!

5:30pm - Taking Knowledge from Conference to Practice: Barriers to Change (me)
6:00pm - How to Know Our Own Complication Rates, with Philip Stahel, MD
6:30pm - Responding vs. Reacting to Your Environment, with Taylor Riall, MD
7:00pm - My Worst Cases of My Career and Why, with Payam Tabrizi, MD
7:30pm - A Case Gone Wrong: STOP and RECOVER, with David Dalstrom, MD
8:00pm - Panel Discussion & Interactive Audience Q/A
8:30pm - Performance Psychology: The Science of Mental Toughness, with Simon Marshall, PhD