What is SurgeonMasters All About?

This month’s SurgeonMasters Live Group Call is all about getting you genuine, uncensored answers to your questions about SurgeonMasters.

Questions like: How can I (like Jeff) …

  • Decrease my stress
  • Master my frustration
  • Take control of my life
  • Revitalize my surgical practice
  • Become insanely productive
  • And become more involved in this movement

And: What can you expect from a ...

  • SurgeonMasters Live Group Call
  • SurgeonMasters Meetup
  • Life Improvement Strategies for the Surgeon Who Wants More ... in 10 Minutes - our new Mini-Podcasts
  • blog from Jeff Smith, MD

We get so many questions and we get them so often, that we want to spend this month getting ALL of them answered. 

Every question you’ve ever wanted to ask about SurgeonMasters, listen to the recording to hear the answers.