October 2017

Time Management: Packed with Pearls

Guest: Phil Stahel

September 2017

Political Advocacy that Can Impact Our Patients and Our Careers

Guests: Dori Cage, MD, Amalia Cochran, MD, Wilford Gibson, MD, Alex Jahangir, MD, Manish Sethi, MD, Todd Swenning, MD

August 2017

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Guests: Lisa J. Merlo, PhD and Ann Marie Warren, PhD

July 2017

Entering a Surgical Practice - Positive Practices and Common Pitfalls

Guest: Ryan Will, MD

June 2017

Family Life: Balance vs. Rhythm 

Guest: Jonathan Swindle, DO, MBA

May 2017

How Can Surgeons Save on Their Taxes

Guest: Victoria J. Powell, JD, LLM