Meet Dr. Jeff Smith

I am a practicing Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon (Orthopaedic Traumatologist) who assists other surgeons develop the critical skills needed to create a highly successful, lifestyle-friendly practice that is physically, mentally and emotionally sustainable.

My signature methodology, The 8 PRACTICEs of Highly Successful Surgeons, will aid you in creating a thriving practice that also allows for:

  • Time to Travel
  • Connections with Family
  • Healthy Living
  • Pursuit of Outside Interests / Hobbies

Not only will this make your life more enjoyable, it will make your practice more successful too. It's the definition of a win-win.

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“I have been experiencing burnout in a rapidly progressive manner. Last year, it reached a point to where I not only was terminated from my job, but also left me with adverse effects on credentialing while trying to move forward.

At my wit’s end, I reached out to Dr. Smith. He was incredibly prompt in his reply to set some time aside for me.

If needed, I would have no reservation reaching out to Dr. Smith in the future. I will recommend him to friends and colleagues who are facing similar issues in career burnout.”

Anonymous, General Surgery, California


"About 1 year ago, I was becoming more self-aware that I was becoming burned out with my practice. That's when I approached Jeff for some advice and help. Jeff made me become more aware of my negative thought patterns, and as a result I could change those into positive patterns. 

If you are a surgeon who would like to enjoy their practice more, I would recommend that you speak with Jeff for an initial consultation."

Dr. Ryan Will, Orthopaedic Surgery, Tacoma, Washington

"Since I started listening to (and working with) Dr. Jeffrey Smith, I’ve been happier and more productive in my practice and personal life than ever before. I highly recommend Jeff to any physician who thinks they may be suffering from burnout."

Urologist, East Coast


Consulting Services

The 8 PRACTICEs of Highly Successful Surgeons

Private Consulting

Individualized or custom guidance to implement the 8 PRACTICEs into your daily routine so you can start enjoying a more successful career and well-rounded practice right away.  As time is one of our most limited resources, most consulting is done via telephone.

As your Surgeon Consultant, I will analyze your current practice, educate you on The 8 PRACTICEs of Highly Successful Surgeons, implement an action plan, observe your progress and adjust, and unleash you to long term maintenance of a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle-friendly surgical practice.

Typical packages include two scheduled one-hour meetings (or four half-hour) meetings per month, one  10-minute urgent checkin call per month, and unlimited email/texting communication.

Available options:

  • One-on-one consulting                               $1000/month

    • 3-Month Package                                 $2750

    • 6-Month Package                                 $5000  

    • Custom Packages                                   TBD


  • Group one-on-one consulting                  $950/month/participant

    • 3-Month Package                              $2700/participant       

    • 6-Month Package                              $4900/participant

    • Custom Packages                               TBD

Group consulting often includes one additional scheduled one-hour meeting every two months to address group dynamics.

Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment

Attitude assessment tool using Energy Leadership created by Bruce D. Schneider.

Onsite Practice Evaluation

As Private Consulting most often involves telephone meetings only, costs can be minimized.  However, many practices want the advantages that can be gained from an Onsite Practice Evaluation.  In addition to written questionnaires  and assessments (including 360's) that can be done remotely, the Onsite Practice Evaluation allows for in-person interviews, direct observation of the operating room, clinic, and ward functions.

Initial action plans are implemented after draft reviews with the key individuals and the group as a whole.  The primary keys to success are the surgeons driving any changes and my ongoing relationship with the client/s after the onsite evaluation to monitor implementation for necessary adjustments in the action plans.  

Pricing is determined by hours or days of consulting, travel and industry standard expenses.


SurgeonMasters is for surgeons who wish to create a highly successful and sustainable practice that is lifestyle-friendly with less stress and frustration.

The goal is to focus on learning, understanding and implementing effective habits that will allow you to create a thriving practice while still having time to travel, connect with your family, take care of your health, and pursue outside interests.

SurgeonMasters is facilitated by Jeffrey M. Smith, MD a practicing Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon (Orthopaedic Traumatologist) who also assists other Surgeons to develop the critical skills needed to create a highly successful lifestyle-friendly practice which is physically, mentally and emotionally sustainable.

Educational Programs

Engage your audience in the awareness of The 8 PRACTICEs of Highly Successful Surgeons.  Modify the topic according to your needs, such as patient satisfaction, performance improvement, and so on.

Single Lectures

"Taking Knowledge from Conference to Practice: Barriers to Change"

"Surgeon Wellness: How Do We Care for Ourselves"

"The 8 PRACTICEs of Highly Successful Surgeons"

"Learning, Understanding, and Implementing PRACTICES of Highly Successful Surgeons"

"What Does Rhythm Have to Do With Surgery: Performance Improvement Through Rhythm"

"Surgeon Performance Improvement: Abhyasa"

"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: I Love and Hate Being a Surgeon"

"The Jeff Smith Diet - Cut It Out" (A presentation on removing "Bad" habits.)

Half-Day Programs

Full-Day Programs


ExIT vs. TIxE Crash Course 

4 Week Course (Live or Teleconference formats)

If you are implementing or considering an exit plan from medicine or your formerly enjoyable practice (either voluntarily or by force), this focused course is for you.  During this 4-week program take the emergency measures to repair your burned-out state so you have a choice to continue repairing towards a fulfilling surgical practice or to exit the field with grace.  We address the Energy extreme failure (emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and lack of success in your measure of career achievement). We analyze your loss of Inspiration and Time management weaknesses.  You evaluate your options including whether to: 

complete the ExIT with new inspiration and time management skills,


implement the reverse Exit strategy ( = TIxE Plan) 

where you and I drastically re-prioritize your Time and Inspiration within your surgical practice.  In order to do this, you will address Time management according to YOUR values and priorities, resurrecting the Inspiration and passion that got you into Surgery in the first place, and addressing the critically needed extreme focus on your Energy and wellness that includes managing stress, health and emotional intelligence that is necessary to get you out of burnout.