Replay Release! Culture War: Positive vs. Negative Resilience Training in Healthcare

SurgeonMasters, in partnership with The Physician's Edge and CSurgeries, recently led another free webinar about the topic of resilience training and why it is critically important to physicians' career success.

"The resources and learning opportunities we are able to offer to doctors is unparalleled," states Ryan Changcoco, Founder and CEO of The Physician's Edge. "It is a privilege to partner with forward-thinking organizations like SurgeonMasters and CSurgeries to offer relevant content that isn't taught in medical school but that is important to the advancement of medical practice. We look forward to continuing this partnership."

You can watch a recording of the most recent webinar below and read more on the related blog.

Culture War: Positive vs. Negative Resilience Training in Healthcare

Event Details:

In this webinar, SurgeonMasters founder Jeffrey Smith, MD, FACS, CPC, described the positive and negative resilience training, give examples of each, and offer opportunities to use positive personal and team resilience habits over negative ones.

After this session you will be able to:

  • Appreciate the many roles and relationships that impact your well-being and success. 

  • Understand simple practices that will lead to improvements in your roles and relationships.

  • Use your goals to commit to next steps and hopefully be inspired to put your plan into action.

Are you looking for wellness and burnout prevention education? How about Coaching? 

Contact to learn about partnering on education or coaching. We have a vast array of resources, including physician coaching, advocacy blogs and podcasts, health and exercise guidance, and resilience training resources. SurgeonMastersprovides a supportive, nonjudgmental, and enriching environment for self-development.