This is Physician Wellness - Timothy Browne, MD


What is your favorite wellness activity?

I live in Montana, so I find anything we do outdoors brings me life, like biking, floating the river, fishing and especially hiking. The picture is from a weekend in Glacier National Park.

How long have you been doing it?


My family moved to Montana when I was in second grade and we became active in all that Montana had to offer.

How did you get started?


I was in Boy Scouts and we had a very active troup. We did two 50 mile hikes through the wilderness. Our family took most of our summer vacations backpacking in somewhere. It was the best of times!!

How does this activity impact your mental, physical, and / or emotional well-being?

I swear, when I get into the mountains, I can feel my blood pressure lower and my stress level drop. There is something special about the physical exertion and sense of accomplishment, when combined with the beautiful creation, that brings me so much balance in my life.

How does this activity bring wellness to your life when other activities have not?

There is something about getting away, unplugging, and going into the wilderness. My life seems to slow, the noise dies down, and the stress melts off my shoulders. The smells of the pines, the trickles of the streams, and crisp air is medicine for my soul and clears my head like no other.

What is Wellness to YOU?