Surgeon Coaching to Enhance Wellness

Photo by IvelinRadkov/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by IvelinRadkov/iStock / Getty Images

Surgeon Coaching to Enhance Wellness & Improve Healthcare

A recent article published in The New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst discusses the benefits of provider coaching. According to the article, health care provider coaching promotes health and wellness, improves outcomes, and decreases the risk of burnout among providers. In this article, we are going to explore the ways in which provider coaching can help reduce the risk of burnout by creating a great rhythm in your life and practice.

Surgeon Wellness

As we have discussed regularly on this blog, burnout among the medical community is reaching epidemic levels. Addressing burnout, identifying its causes, and working toward treatment is the best way to combat burnout – and provider coaching can go a long way to support the prevention of burnout.

Question: Why is burnout among providers increasing now? Why wasn’t it as big of an issue in previous generations?

“Roughly 30 years ago (circa 1985)…the doctor-patient relationship was central to the art and craft of medical practice. Record-keeping, regulatory compliance, medical billing, and adherence to standardized practice guidelines remained in the background, rarely overshadowing the healing relationship with the patient or the autonomy of the physician. In today’s corporate health care environment, screen time and the ever-mounting stream of bureaucratic tasks have crowded out the main event: quality face time with patients.”

How Coaching Can Helps

Provider Coaching can help medical professionals to:

  1. Create short-term and long-term goals.

  2. Develop strategies to reach your goals and to manage the complexities of day to day life.

  3. Learn and Implement the necessary steps to deal with self-defeating thoughts.

  4. Examine strengths and new perspectives

  5. Employ resilience training and stress management techniques.

Coaching sessions, whether in groups or one-on-one, can be done face-to-face, or (as is more often the case nowadays) over internet meeting platforms or phone conversations.

Connect with a Provider Coach

Working with a health care provider coach can be extremely beneficial to your practice and your overall wellbeing. To learn more about the benefits of provider coaching, contact SurgeonMasters today!